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Super Concentrate. Super Possibilities.

Cold Brew Club Pouch

Cold Brew Pouch

Cold Brew Club Co. Conscious Curated Coffee

Super Concentrate

Cold Brew Club Ships a Super Concentrate that dilutes into water to provide 9L of regular strength cold brew. Shipping a concentrate vs. ready to drink cans allows you to experience a much more convenient delivery and monthly storage in your fridge. Now you have cafe quality on tap.

200mg of caffeine per serving

Approximately 200mg of caffeine per 100ml of concentrate. We recommend diluting 2:1 to produce 300ml of Cold Brew

Unique Roasts and Blends

Unique roasts and blends delivered exclusively through Cold Brew Club. Unlike most commercialized Cold Brews, CBC does not contain any additives, and you can taste the origin of our roasts. We produce using a unique vacuum infusion method that creates our super concentrate without compromise.*

Our Environmental Mission

Brew pouch

Our Pouch

85% more carbon efficient than glass.
Light weight and recyclable material

Box design

Our Box

Recyclable cardboard
using corn-based ink

Insulation logo

Our Insulation

Recyclable wrapping and
fully biodegradable corn-based foam

Slider logo

Our Cold Packs

Fully biodegradable gel
and wrapping

Infograph Save over 30% - Cold Brew club $1.71 use/cup | Average cafe cost $2.82 USD/cup Diluted cold brew from pouch (9 Litres) = 38 US Cups